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Roar with Katherine Kendall

Mar 30, 2022

Pete Ferriero is the director of the 2021 documentary film, “Her Name is Chef” (Hulu). It was inspired by a first hand experience Ferriero had at a New Jersey female owned restaurant in which the owner was struggling to prove herself to her male counterparts. In the film, Ferriero tackles the topic of gender equality in a male dominated industry through the eyes of some of the most talented women chefs. The film has garnered wonderful press around it being discussed on Good Morning America, People, Bustle, and more. He’s currently Directing a documentary film ‘At This Performance’ which chronicle the life of understudies on Broadway. He’s also currently writing a book ’The Price of Film’ that details the behind the scenes of his first independent film, ’The Price of Fame’ as a guide for new filmmakers. 
He hosts the popular ‘Beverly Hills, 90210 Show’ podcast with Original EP and Writers Charles Rosin and Larry Mollin. It was listed #5 on the Today Show’s ‘Best Pop Culture Things of 2020’. Ferriero now resides in the Pasadena area, formally he was from the Meadowlands area in New Jersey.