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Roar with Katherine Kendall

Mar 16, 2022

Tatiana von Furstenberg studied Modern Culture and Media, Comparative Literature and Education at Brown University and did graduate work in Applied Psychology at New York University. In 2016 von Fürstenberg conceived of and collaborated with the organization Black and Pink to create an art exhibit titled On The Inside which spotlights the work of incarcerated LGBTQ artists. 

She uses the freedom of language to explore the adventures of her life, and make sense of them. Tatiana was born with an undiagnosed muscle disease, and spent years not understanding why she was out of step with others. Storytelling became Tatiana’s lifeline. The infinite vastness of language became a vehicle through which she could participate in the world. Tatiana von Furstenberg has crafted language and created narratives across many disciplines, most notably screenwriting (Tanner Hall), and writing lyrics for songs (Playdate).